Dave Widmer

imageName: Dave Widmer
Title: General Manager
Company Name: Connoisseur Media Long Island

What was the key step that really got your career underway? Was there a watershed moment that you remember as being particularly important to starting your career?
As with a lot of careers, initial direction is sometimes serendipitous. Went skiing with a friend of mine and we stopped to pick up his girlfriend. Turned out her father was starting a new radio station. After the trip she got me in touch with the sales manager and as they say….the rest was history.

How do you attract and keep good employees?
I try to create a culture where people have a sense of ownership of what they do. I’ve found that people tend to grind harder on things that are theirs…as opposed to having it shoved down their throat. I like to find good, smart people, communicate the vision, keep them motivated and get out of their way.

What makes you want to count someone as a close associate or a trusted ally?
When they are not afraid of telling me what I don’t want to hear. I keep a copy of the parable, “The Emperor’s new clothes” on my coffee table in my office. If you know the story you’ll understand the connection.

What is the moment when you knew that you made it?
When someone drew a caricature of me from a picture of me in the newspaper and posted it on the refrigerator at the office. LOL.