Arthur Jerry Kremer, Esq.

imageName: Arthur Jerry Kremer, Esq.
Title: President
Company Name: Empire Government Strategies

What was the key step that really got your career underway? Was there a watershed moment that you remember as being particularly important to starting your career?
I became very focused on government at a very early age and decided to pursue it as a career without vacillating. The watershed moment was my good fortune in being blessed with a mentor who launched my career and provided honest advice.

What do you credit as the secret to your success?
I stay as focused as possible on the issues that affect my earning a living.

How do you respond to adversity?
Don’t panic. Let some time go by if you can and try to think how others would respond.

What makes you want to count someone as a close associate or a trusted ally?
People who are willing to tell me things that I might not want to hear and who can keep my confidences. My personal life is off limits.