The Best of Both Worlds

Blonde? Brunette? Red? Why Choose? A dip-dye hair treatment creates fashion-forward manes that boast two colors at once. We’re talking way beyond basic highlights here.

It may seem simple, but achieving that careless, jet-setting look requires a carefully planned process. Amanda, colorist at Tru Salon in St. James, told me a warm, dark blonde would be attention-grabbing and the perfect complement to my dark brown hair. But the options are endless, from bright pink, blue and purple to more conservative colors. Some of the staff at the urban-flavored salon sported colorful versions with red hair blending into bright orange or dark brown hair interspersed with pops of blue (think Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj).

Brian, one of the salon’s owners, noted the trend is scalable for clients’ varying levels of adventurousness, but admitted it’s not for the fainthearted—dip-dyeing is decidedly statement hair.

After the two-hour process, most of which was waiting, I faced a new, lighter version of myself in the mirror. The color looked remarkably like my inspiration photos (Jessica Alba and J.Lo). The ends were dark blonde and the top was dark brown, yet it somehow looked natural. Or at least naturally unnatural, in a good way.

Dip-dyeing is somewhat high-maintenance. Although root touchups are not needed, Amanda recommends a re-glazing every couple of months, depending on fading from the sun and washing. Now I’m heading into summer with the best of both worlds: I’m a brunette and a blonde.

Two-Step Two Tone
1. Natural color is lifted off with a brush and bleach before a color glaze is applied.
2. Tease strands to create a less obvious dye line and apply color.

Jacqueline Sweet

Jacqueline Sweet

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