The Jazz Age and Modern Day Flappers

Lana Del Rey Can Repeat The Past

Amid much fanfare, Baz Luhrman’s film version of The Great Gatsby was recently released. While I have not seen the fourth film adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age novel published in 1925, I have listened to the soundtrack album released by Interscope. Some of the more heavy-handed material from Jay Z and Jack White leaves me a little cold, but there are some fine selections from Florence and the Machine, XX and, of course, the Bryan Ferry Orchestra. Ferry is profiled in our May issue. Sia and Gotye also contribute, but the real star of the show is Lana Del Rey who shines on two versions of her song “Young and Beautiful.” I’m amazed how some writers, in reviewing the album, barely mentioned this song, which should become the anthem of the summer of 2013. Del Rey has shown tremendous promise on her recent debut album Born To Die and EP Paradise, both released on Interscope, but this song launches her into the stratosphere. Her voice, songwriting and artistic vision are vast for an artist so young. It’s clear that she is about to become a star, but for all the right reasons.

Girl Power

Two other female artists that recently released albums in the past year and that are quickly rising are Paloma Faith, with her album Fall To Grace (Epic), and Ellie Goulding, with her album Halcyon (Cherrytree/Interscope). Goulding is yet another great new artist to emerge from England and shows immense promise with only two albums. Paloma Faith, like Goulding, is British and has two albums out. Less pop than Goulding and more in the timeless, dramatic vein of Del Rey, Faith is an artist to watch. One final note: Check out Once Upon Another Time (Epic), a Ben Folds-produced EP from Sara Bareilles. Here next full-length album, The Blessed Unrest, will be released in mid-July.