Top 5 Missed Beers During Long Island Craft Beer Week


I dislike lists. I also dislike American Pickers, a reality television series on A&E documenting the backroad barn-antiquing of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.


I actually like American Pickers and enjoy Mike Wolfe’s intensely frightening narratives. The list-hating, however, is legitimate.


I actually like lists. The list below provides five of my beer misses during Long Island Craft Beer Week, accompanied by corresponding cause. I dislike missing beer.

1) Black Forest Brew Haus//Fritz :: 6.70% ABV
An homage to Frederick Louis “Fritz” Maytag III, former owner of Anchor Brewing Company, and the brewery’s flagship, Anchor Steam Beer, Fritz is a California common brewed with rye malt. The rye “occupies 10% of the grain bill and lends a slight spiciness,” says Joseph Hayes, brewmaster of Black Forest Brew Haus.

Fritz debuted at Great South Bay Brewery’s Bay Fest on May 11 and was released at the German-style brewpub on May 18.

Reason For Miss

An unsuccessful attempt at avoiding people, and subsequently, conversations, at Bay Fest.


2) Blind Bat Brewery//Spring Folly :: 8.50% ABV
The Belgian-inspired sister of Hell Gate Golden Ale, Blind Bat Brewery‘s Spring Folly also debuted at Bay Fest on May 11. Though “not defined to any style,” says Paul Dlugokencky, owner and brewmaster, Spring Folly is brewed with coriander and possesses “strawberry, pomegranate, and citrus flavors, due to the yeast and fermentation.”

Dlugokencky will brew another batch, once its recipe and label are government-approved.

Reason For Miss

People. Conversations. Again.

3) Maine Beer Company//Pilot 1 :: 5.20% ABV
The Black Sheep Ale House hosted an event with Maine Beer Company on May 16, featuring six beers and cheese from Westbrook, Maine’s Silvery Moon Creamery. The former included two unreleased, small-batch experiments: Pilot 1 and Pilot 2.

“The pilot beers are an avenue for the brewers to experiment with style and technique, and may result in a new addition to the lineup,” says Vincent Minutella, owner of The Black Sheep Ale House. “They don’t normally leave the tasting room.”

Pilot 1 is a pale ale brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops, providing a “hoppy, pungent nose of citrus and tropical fruits.”

Reason For Miss
I was studying for my pilot’s license, which included the creation of several lists. Because I like lists.

4) Port Jeff Brewing Company//Party Boat IPA (Dry-Hopped w/Nugget) :: 7.70% ABV
Released on May 11, Party Boat IPA “packs intense citrus flavors, which really balances the bitterness,” says Michael Philbrick, owner and brewmaster. Since Party Boat IPA’s initial batch was Nugget-lacking, Port Jeff Brewing Company dry-hopped with the variety for its first cask appearance at Hoptron Brewtique on May 14.

“Nugget is used primarily for bittering, but as an aromatic, it throws some nice herbal tones into the mix,” says Philbrick. “It’s hard to have anything shine over Party Boat IPA’s sinister citrus backbone, but it did add a nice element.”

Reason For Miss

Two hundred and ten minutes of traffic during my drive from Brooklyn to Patchogue. You are unbearable, Belt Parkway.

5) Long Ireland Beer Company//Whiskey Barrel-Aged ESB :: 6.00% ABV
The Riverhead-based brewery acquired 12 whiskey barrels from Baiting Hollow distillery, Long Island Spirits, and filled them with Celtic Ale, Breakfast Stout, and ESB. The latter, which “tasted delicious and had some nice vanilla notes from the barrel,” says Greg Martin, co-owner of Long Ireland Beer Company, poured at T.J. Finley‘s Cask Fest on May 18.

Reason For Miss

Attended the LICBW Golf Invitational at Blackwell’s at Great Rock Golf Club and golf-carted the course with Long Ireland Beer Company. The vehicle possessed more kegs than seatbelts.

niko krommydas

Niko Krommydas has written for Tasting Table, BeerAdvocate, Munchies, and First We Feast. He is editor of Craft Beer New York, an app for the iPhone, and a columnist for Yankee Brew News. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.