Celebrating 8 Years of Award-Winning Publishing


Our August 2005 Inaugural Issue was our first step in giving Long Island a heightened perspective. This shot was taken while photographer Pedro Sousa hung from a helicopter above the Jones Beach Needle. It also got us a few calls from the FAA.

imageOur first anniversary issue also bore the fight against Broadwater. Thanks to Pat Dolan’s coverage with us (and on News12), the fight upheld by Citizens Campaign for the Environment and, er, the unexpected departure of one Client 9, Long Island Sound is not marred by a supertanker filled with liquid natural gas. Oh, and Dolan brought home the Press Club 2007 First Place award for us in News. Read the original Broadwater article here (from August 2006).


Since almost the beginning, Dylan Skolnick’s monthly column Silver Shores has covered film, bravely keeping art-house movies close at hand. In 2009 he won us the Press Club’s First Place for General Interest Columns. Read more from Dylan’s Silver Shores here.

imageYou live by our food coverage, sometimes literally. Richard Scholem has been writing his Restaurant Reviews for us since Issue #1. In 2010 he brought home the Press Club’s First Place award for Opinion Essay. His monthly food reviews and occasional features are among readers’ favorite pages in the book. Read more of Richard’s Food Reviews here.

imageThe annual Food Wine & Spirit Issue is a favorite of ours as well as readers. The November 2012 features Art Director Kenny Janosick’s handiwork (as in, the writing on the image) and won us the Society of Publication Design Merit Award, putting us in the pantheon of magazine covers across the country like Esquire, Vogue and others. Check out the archive of our November 2012 issue here.


Photography has always been a big part of our DNA, our photographers picking up awards each year for their fashion, lifestyles and sports images along the way. Last year Matt Furman joined our ranks and captured the Society of Publication Design Merit Award for non-celebrity spread with his portrait of local LAX Lizard Max Seibald. Read the full article on the Long Island Lizards here.

More of our favorite articles from Pulse’s history:

Rackets: NYRA—June ‘07

In the spirit of classic muckraking, Nada, our trusted publisher + editor, delved into the rampant corruption of the New York Racing Association. The story is a ding, dong, dang! of scandal, secrecy and outright stealing…anybody remember that Steamroller guy?
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Broadwater (August 2006)

Broadwater (April 2008)

The plan: A giant natural gas barge parked 9 miles off Wading River in the Long Island Sound. The risks: Many (can you say, “exploding fireballs?”). Pat Dolan’s articles for Pulse added to the throng against this facility, and we sent $6-Billion Shell Oil packing. All hail Adrienne Esposito at Citizens Campaign for the Environment for leading the David and Goliath victory.
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Confessions of a Mortgage Predator—April ‘09

Jason Molinet’s article uncovered the seedier side of mortgage selling that was central to the economy’s demise. You know the type: After college he traded in the sex, drugs and rock and roll for, well, drugs, money and a calculator. Haven’t met this guy, but heard of him? This got you up close and personal.
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Tiger and Phil Head to Bethpage—April ‘09

Long Islanders love Phil (and not just the women)! With the occasion of the US Open Championship arriving at Bethpage State Park, the rivalry between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson was highlighted in John Westermann’s impassioned pursuit of the truth (and his sportsman’s penchant for the underdog).
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Heroin: A Truth by Pete Baggs—September 09

One of our most important stories: An autobiographical, cautionary tale about a LI heroin addict’s descent into darkness and danger, followed by an ascent into a clean and healthy life and the ever-looming threat of a relapse. The online version became the most commented article on lipulse.com of all time and continues to connect and help others dealing with addiction. If you’ve ever been curious about heroin, this will get you straight.
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Brian Dennehy Fact & Fiction—November ‘09

Publisher + editor Nada created a one-act play by rearranging the actual quotes of her interview with actor Brian Dennehy. This one-of-a-kind piece is set in a bar, with the fictional characters interjecting to steer the “plot,” illuminating Dennehy’s depth and range as a thespian as well as his sentiments about humanity and his philanthropic endeavors.
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Dead Woman Running—February ‘10

A moving piece focused on the heartbreaking murder of young mother Jo’Anna Bird at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. The hard-news, investigative (relentless, fearless) approach of writer Pat Dolan exposed the missteps of local law enforcement and prosecutors in their attempts to protect victims of domestic violence. Ultimately, the story (and Dolan’s extensive coverage) led to police discipline and ratified the civil process. This is what it’s all about folks.
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