Rock Solid Mason

Joe Stasi carries on a legacy his father Saverio began in 1962 through the thriving masonry business Stasi Brothers of Westbury. And even though some of the trends and applications are new, Stasi believes that building the old-fashioned way—out of natural stone—is the secret to masonry that lasts and looks beautiful for generations.

Long Island Pulse: Why are homeowners so drawn to stone and brick?
Joe Stasi:
There is a certain strength in the permanence and timelessness of stone that gives it a universal appeal. Natural stone was man’s first building material and it remains the best. Stone has incredible natural beauty in its colors and textures as well as an unmatched durability not found in any
other material.

LIP: Why would a homeowner opt for man-made stone over the natural version?
Cost is a major deterrent for many people considering real stone. Another factor is the need for a foundation under a wall or façade made of natural stone which creates additional work and expense. The increase in cost for the material and the labor required in working with natural stone is significant…Today, concrete-based brick pavers have become popular because they are cheaper to produce and more readily available.

LIP: What is the classic masonry look on the Island?
Long Islanders prefer using Belgium block, cobblestone and bluestone for their projects. This has become a signature look here because the textures and colors of these stones meld well with the house styles. A winding cobblestone driveway or a pool surround of classic bluestone are typically seen around the East End and Gold Coast areas of the Island, and now other parts of our region are striving to achieve this authentic, elegant look…Although there are countless other, more affordable options, you will never achieve the incredible look, feel and lifespan of natural stone.

Design Tip:
Masonry is part of a home’s hardware—as with all design, form must follow function. After first determining what project or feature will best suit your needs, take the time to carefully choose the color, shape and size of the stone you use in your design to keep with the character and style of your home. A patio paved with slabs of geometric, cut bluestone lends a more formal feel than one covered with irregular shaped flagstone. Between the many choices of stone, the countless ways something can be designed, and the permanent nature of your project, it is critical to take the time to make the right choice.

words: Caroline Wilkes | photo: Tracey Elizabeth

caroline wilkes

Caroline Sophia Wilkes is an interior designer who also writes about design trends. From Manhattan to Montauk, this native Long Islander derives inspiration from the dynamic forms and energy of the city to the organic serenity of our land- and seascapes.