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The recently launched is the ultimate travel site for live music and sports fans. It can also deliver you to your favorite comedian without breaking the bank. The free one-stop-shopping site lets fans check the schedule of their favorite band, team, or performer, and helps them compare the best prices and options for tickets, flights, hotels, and car rentals around the world. Enter your favorites into and see where it takes you.

Q&A with Fantrotter founder Mike Coletta…

Q. Why did you start Fantrotter?

A. It’s incredibly hard to stay up on global events that interest you, much less do all the research necessary to see what is affordable and works for your schedule. Finding and comparing the best prices on tickets, flights, hotels, car rentals; deciding on driving versus taking the train; and getting advice about the destination, such as where to eat near the venue, are all obstacles in the way of taking a life-changing trip. I started Fantrotter in order to make all of that fast and easy. We already enable you to compare prices very quickly, and in the near future, we will be adding great features, such as event discovery and alerts for your choice of bands or teams, additional transportation methods, planning trips with friends, and sharing tips with fellow fans.

Q. Why should people use Fantrotter?

A. The biggest fans of a band, a sports team, a comedian, or a performer can never get enough. One of the most important priorities in a fan’s life is often getting tickets for a local show or game, but for people like me, it’s also a priority to see my favorite band on the road. I want to see them in new cities and new venues and connect with new fans and friends along the way. The same can be said for fans who love to visit baseball stadiums, pig out at specialty food festivals, or attend autograph signings. It’s possible to be a fan of almost anything or anyone, and there are always events taking place around the people and things you love. I personally know countless individuals who travel for all kinds of events, and I meet more every day. Certain events are special. You know when you’re at an average concert, game, or performance versus when that event is the kind of experience you can’t wait to tell you friends about. How about when you hear about a concert where the band plays your favorite song, a song they haven’t played in years? Or that triple overtime playoff basketball game between your favorite team and its biggest rival? What if you could have been there—if you only knew that there was a special flight deal going on at that time and you could have afforded it?

Q. Who’s on the Fantrotter team?

A. I got the idea for Fantrotter when trying to plan a trip to see Pearl Jam last year. The research on ticket prices in various destinations in addition to all the travel research needed was taking me hours and hours. That’s when the light bulb went on, as to how I could collect and present all of this information in one simple view, and how many hours it would save me. I signed on friend and fellow globetrotter Lawrence Whiteside, a super ninja programmer and the creator of, to help me build the website. I also enlisted colleagues, friends, and family, and we have come up with idea after idea to make life for the traveling fan a lot better…and this goes beyond aggregating information and comparing prices. Just recently, a bunch of us “fantrotted” to see Pearl Jam at Wrigley field in Chicago and had one of the best times of our lives. A fantrotter’s dream come true, and a perfect reminder of how great traveling for a special event can be!


Fantrotter founder Mike Coletta en route to Wrigley Field with the “Fantrotter Girls”

Testimonial: “I frequently travel for NY Rangers games, and I’m still waiting for an Elvis Costello comeback. So I’m no stranger to hitting the road for my favorite team or band. In this new digital age there seems to be too much information to sift through…however, makes life easy for this 50-year-old guy who still wants to rock like he’s 30 by quickly showing me what’s affordable and works for my schedule. I’m surprised that nobody thought of this sooner. I love it!” —Adam Davis, Fire Island NY

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Bad Company (Paul Rodgers) at Bethel Woods, NY, a beautiful concert pavilion on the site of the 1969 Woodstock music festival

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