It is time to for a change of cosmetic scenery, “Back to School”

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It is my experience that the best time of the year for beauty is fall. The transition from warm to cool immediately signals us to change to our fall/winter persona. For those who are involved or interested, this means the colors deepen and the looks become more sophisticated and elegant. For me, I want to take it to the next level. Read on to see what I mean and what I would love to see this coming new beauty season.

Have Fun:
Bring into play your inner child and have fun with color. Switch up your eye routine of black or brown liner for a more vibrant and brighter shade. Take creativity to the next level and combine two colors together for a more energetic and hip impression. Any combo your heart desires will do, so have fun. I suggest applying one liner shade on the top and the second shade on the bottom-I love a two tone look. Keep it subtle with low key colors, or go for the bold with tones that are vivid.

Give Lip:
Allow me to throw a wild card, as if the two tone eye liner wasn’t already crazy enough. If you are more of a “lip lady,” I love to see two tones using brilliant reds with a pink pucker. I think we neglect our lips and do them quickly after finishing our face and eyes but with the perfect combo of colors they are sometimes all you need. I suggest a deep reddish brown base with a brighter cherry red in the center. This is also a technique used by us professionals to make lips look much fuller. Essentially what you are doing is contouring and highlighting the lips. Be sure to line and define to give the lips the best display.

Seasonal Makeover:
As the season continues and the weather begins to change, Mother Nature gently hints to us that a transition is upon us. Over the next few months, the cosmetic hues we apply to enhance our features will remain; however, they will deepen and become richer. Look for colors that mimic nature, such as bronzy browns, smoky metallics, and dark cherry red lips. Exaggerate your color choices with a dramatically defined and framed eye. The cat eye, or any look that defines the shape of the eye and makes for a flirty sultry stare is your inspiration for makeup looks in Fall 2013.

A Must Have:
Brushes are not just for art class. For the finger painters out there, have you tried using brushes to decorate your face? There are several benefits of brushes as opposed to using your hands to apply cosmetics:

• Gives a smoother more even application
• More hygienic and gentler for the skin
• Less product is wasted

This is a very exciting time for makeup so I implore to explore and try new things. Remember, this is not a haircut, it is makeup. If you are not happy with your end result you simply take it off and try something else. That is the greatest thing about beauty; it should be fun and educational, not complicated or serious. Its makeup not surgery, anyone can do it.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.