Eyebrow Control

As a prominent feature of the face, eyebrows are curiously underrated. For most women, the eyebrow is maintained to avoid a bushy unibrow. But brows are more than a maintenance headache. Done well, they can become a charismatic feature of any face. If the brow is well-shaped and defined, it lessens the need for makeup or correction in other areas. A precise brow will perfect facial features more than any cosmetic ever could.

~ Step One:
Define the shape

Brows should complement the face’s general structure, creating balance with the other features. For rounder faces sharper, more angled brows give the impression of a more chiseled appearance while sleek, less angled brows work to soften faces with strong features. Smaller eyes get a thinner brow, while larger eyes can support a thicker and fuller brow. The width of the brows should be slightly longer than the eye on either side, which looks natural considering the brow is thought to be a protective barrier from moisture.

~ Step Two:
Color it

Color enhances the brows, adding definition and thickness. Brows do not necessarily have to match hair color, but a shade that is too dark can overpower. For blondes or redheads, ashy blonde and light brown work well. Brunettes do best with light, medium and dark brown while deeper more ebony colors will perform best for very dark hair. Fill in brows to the desired thickness, then brush through to blend and soften for a natural look. Brow colors are usually organized using hair color and tone, from blonde to black and light to dark.

~ Step Three:
Perfect the style

Brows are a more classic topic and for the most part do not follow trends, but brow gel has recently emerged as a hot item in facial styling. It looks similar to clear mascara and is brushed on for a sleek and finished look, even when not shaping or filling in. Brow styling with gel presents a cleaner and more groomed face, as well as tame brows that are much thicker.

The influence of a well-shaped brow can be powerful. Color and shape can add subtle details that create a neat and precise trim for the face, enhancing the entire look. The eyebrows are perpetual accessories, deserving of as much consideration as earrings, sunglasses or cosmetics, groom with care.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.