Style. It’s the grace of timelessness a trend can’t touch. Before the season distracts the thirstbuds with transient ciders and pumpkin lattes, take some time to get to know the enduring Manhattan. Make the classic once and you’ll realize it’s a canvas built to be tweaked. “The Manhattan is kind of like a tomato sauce,” asserted Jay Grossman, co-owner of Four Food Studio in Melville, who gave us the version he puts together at home. “It’s not long before you start changing it slightly to make it your own.” Whether you stick with the classic or develop your own version, the Manhattan remains one of the most stylish cocktails since Prohibition. And we can certainly toast that kind of longevity.

Grossman’s Manhattan
3 oz
Maker’s 46 bourbon
1½ oz
Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
½ oz
Disaronno amaretto
2 dashes
Angostura bitters
Brandied cherries

Add ice to a cocktail shaker then stir the ingredients together. Shaking won’t change the flavor but it clouds the drink and tops it with froth. Strain into in a chilled rocks glass then garnish with brandied cherries.