Portrait of a Supercar: Jaguar F-Type

Listen, love, I’m not going to pussyfoot about here. I know some people have been talking about me. For years, rumors swirled about the F-Type, a sexy new model that was supposed to reignite Jaguar’s long-dormant passion for speed. The buzz about me grew thanks to a few discrete paparazzi photos snapped at secret test drives and scant appearances at motor shows around Europe. Then of course there was the intriguing codename under which I was quietly developed: X152. By the time of my official arrival at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, I’d been on more people’s lips than Lancôme. But as they say, good girls rarely make history.

I happily confirm the rumors are true: I am the Jaguar F-Type. And this kitty doesn’t just purr, I roar.

You’ll hear it the second my push-button ignition is engaged, the throaty Jaguar rumble that announces my presence to everyone within earshot. That rumble may stir memories of the E-Type, the sporty convertible Jag that rocketed across the English countryside and into permanent display at NYC’s MoMA. Consider me the E-Type’s heir. She was a simply delightful car, certainly. But a little…dated. I on the other hand, don’t belong in a museum. I belong on the road. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the envious onlookers, it tends to happen when I’m around.

It starts inside my “1+1” cabin that lets you know it’s all about you. The way my entire cockpit aims every button and gauge toward you in rapt fixation, the center console’s vents rising in greeting as you start me up. The powerful embrace of my racing inspired seats. The control you feel when you wrap your hands around my steering wheel, flipping paddle shifters with a touch… Oh, a modest consideration for your passenger: Dual handgrips to hold on to when you really open me up.

As well you should, for it’s the moment when I pounce. My dynamic launch mode sends my transmission rocketing directly into third gear, giving you manual punch with the ease of an automatic. And being as I pack as many as 495 thoroughbreds under my bonnet, I’ll have your pulse racing when my 8-speed QuickShift ZF transmission buries the needle deep and doesn’t let up. Even my roof shares my British love of efficiency. If things heat up too much, I can be topless in just 12 seconds at up to 30mph.

I was made to let the world know what an English bird can do. And while I certainly do with six cylinders, it’s my V8 S-Type that leaves aficionados in awe. Let’s see how a Porsche feels about five liters passing her (on the right, of course).

Even at a standstill I turn heads. My muscular lines, low proportions, wide stance and shark-gill vents all speak to my allure as a speed machine. And the classic Jaguar lines they frame remind you of British sophistication.

But the allure of a car such as myself does not live solely in my style and speed. It lives in the way I thrust your head back at every green light. It lives in the exhilaration of wind blowing through your hair. It lives in the sound of my exhaust echoing off all those poor little domestic cars you’ve just left in the dust.

I’m an engineering beauty. I’m an automotive hellcat.

We call this prowess, love. Do try and keep up.

Under the Bonnet
5.0 L V8 Supercharged (V8 S)
0-60 in 4.2 seconds
Max Speed 186mph
Max Power 495hp
MSRP $92,000
*Base and Type S stats available online.

Active Aerodynamics
Hidden until required, the rear spoiler automatically rises at 60 mph to reduce lift by up to 264 lbs

Low Weight
High power and low weight (aluminum body) means effortless speed

495 hp 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged engine

Performance Braking System
Powerful 15-inch front and 14.8-inch rear disc brakes deliver confident stopping power

Intelligent Stop/Start
The system can automatically turn off the engine when the car is at rest. When the driver takes their foot off the brake the system automatically restarts the engine in as little as 300 milliseconds

Available at:
Heritage Jaguar of Freeport
146 W Sunrise Hwy / (877) 373-4240
Jaguar Land Rover Huntington
1249 E Jericho Turnpike / (877) 830-4813
Jaguar of Great Neck
732 Northern Blvd / (877) 436-3241