“How To Celebrate Happy Friday Day in Five EASY Steps…and the Beers to Drink When You Do It!”


I am e-releasing my first non-fiction novel, How To Celebrate Happy Friday Day in Five EASY Steps…and the Beers to Drink When You Do It!, on September 20, the first-ever Happy Friday Day!

An excerpt of How To Celebrate Happy Friday Day in Five EASY Steps…and the Beers to Drink When You Do It! is available below. This particular excerpt contains the entire novel:

Chapter ___: Celebrating Happy Friday Day

Happy Friday Day is not an everyday day. Happy Friday Day is not an anyday day. Happy Friday Day only occurs on Happy Friday Day. Happy Friday Day is September 20.


Do you want to celebrate Happy Friday Day in five EASY steps?


Step 1: Read This Thing Below

Riverhead’s Long Ireland Beer Company will release Wet Hopped Pale Ale on September 20. The beer is Long Ireland’s Pale Ale with the addition of wet, or just-harvested, hops from Wading River’s Condzella Hops and Peconic’s Wesnofske Farms.

Long Ireland only added Condzella Hops’ Cascade in the debut of Wet Hopped Pale Ale in 2012. It added-to-the-added with Wesnofske Farms’ Nugget in 2013.

“The beer’s a lot hoppier than last year’s version,” says Greg Martin, co-owner of Long Ireland. “We’re definitely really happy with it.”


Step 2: Read This Thing Below

Long Ireland will donate all first-day, brewery-based pint and growler sales of Wet Hopped Pale Ale to both hop-cultivating sources. The philanthropic suggestion was introduced by Justin Wesnofske, a third-generation tiller who harvested 60 pounds of Centennial, Nugget, and Santiam hops on his family’s 50-acre farm in August.

“[Wesnofske] came up with the idea to have both farms donate a portion of the hops, and then the first night will go back to the farms,” says Martin. “We agreed right away. The money can help for their research and further development.”

Step 3: Read This Thing Below

Wesnofske is also an employee at Greenport’s Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, which released a wet-hopped version of Harbor Ale, its moderately bitter flagship, with Centennial and Santiam from Wesnofske Farms, Cascade from Condzella Hops, and a small amount of residentially grown Cascade from Cutchogue’s Bob Glover, on September 10. Long Ireland invited Greenport Harbor to join Happy Friday Day and pour Wet Hop Harbor Ale.

It accepted.

“It was a no-brainer for us to participate,” says Greg Doroski, brewer at Greenport Harbor.

Step 4: Read This Thing Below


Step 5: Read This Thing Below

Happy Friday Day is fictional. The above information regarding September 20, and the flourishing matrimony of brewer and farmer on Long Island, however, is not.

This charitable collaboration exhibits the solid-ass connection between both local industries and their commitment to develop concurrently.


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