All Hollows’ Eve Adult Fix: Awaken Your Inner Prima Donna

Are you of those who believe that the festive holiday of Halloween gets better as you get more mature, with age that is. I think Halloween has retained its meaning and origin however we have turned it into quite a ritual of display, haven’t we? From scary to sensual we parade around in disguise adorned with trimmings and colored cream pigments. It’s no surprise, as an artist, that this is my favorite holiday of all time, so allow me to share some costume muses for my own enjoyment and hopefully yours.

Ladies DO Lashes

I love the ladies the most who have never worn lashes. They are reluctant in the beginning but once they get them and gaze into the looking glass, watch out. Thick long falsies wake up some dormant risque gene in every woman. The reason why we are discussing lashes is no coincidence I personally know it the most sought after item for woman every year around Halloween only second to glitter which we will talk about shortly. So find yourself a pair and match it either with a deep sultry eye or add it as a detail to your already award winning costume. They can be tricky to apply, just make sure you place the glue on the band first then blow for 30 seconds to make the glue tacky and get them as close to the lash line as possible. Reposition the lashes if needed before glue dries clear.

The Need to be Sparkly

Who doesn’t want to sparkle like a disco ball, seriously? After false lashes glitter is the must have for All Hollows’ Eve splendor. If you are planning on being a glitter queen or king take my advice from one who has already done it, more than once. First do it outdoors or somewhere in your living space where you do not want to live, eat and breath residual glitter for months. Second, if you are using it in your hair be forewarn that it just won’t disappear with one shampoo so be prepared to encore your costume to coworkers the next few days. Lastly, embrace the glitter and shine bright because covering yourself in tiny reflective mirrors will bounce light off your face creating a youthful glow making you appear younger, especially in photos.

A Lethal Lip

Lips during Halloween have a serious role in defining eras, super villains and pop stars. Red is often requested to mimic hollywood glam beauties like Marilyn and Audrey. Black and green are classic colors for those who desire to be an evil queen or villain. Blue, purple and yellow have become the most recent colors in the hot seat due to the pop music explosion by artists like Lady Gaga, a top annual costume choice since Poker Face. So where do you get these unusual and loud shades? They are mostly available online however some private lines retail them as well so look in small local boutiques, such as The Paper Doll Vintage Boutique in Sayville, they carry a full selection of rainbow lips. If you’re unable to find the color you need here is a tip, get white cream makeup and use an eye shadow in the color you need and mix to create a highly pigmented and long lasting lip. You can also create a lip gloss using a clear gloss instead of white cream. It will be sheer and shinier, all depends on your preference and look.

Take my advice and try some of these ideas. I guarantee that your temporary transformation will awaken the inner youth in your and make you feel glamorous and maybe even a little taboo. I wish you all a happy and safe Halloween season 2013.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.