The Truth About Life

The subversive protest singer is folk royalty, carrying the torch forward from his legendary father Woody, but with a groovy ‘60s vibe. His “implements of destruction” are his guitar, his lyrics and his voice. He’s lived one hundred and twenty years, having been interviewed thousands of times for his work, his sharp-witted perception and his dad’s influence on music and culture. It’d be hard to ask the Coney Island native something new. We figured best keep it simple. A pool of Pulse’s usual suspects sent over some Mad Libs-style questions to the Woodstock ’69 performer and true to form, Arlo replied in comic fashion.

Favorite author: J.R.R. Tolkien

If I had to be a car I’d be a ’57 MGA because I miss mine.

Cats or dogs? Dogs for friends, cats for mice.

If you have to fight, fight on the right side.

The secret to life is knowing which is the right side.

On the road 9-10 months each year.

The secret to keeping friends is distance.

Sleeping is a parallel universe because you can fly.

When at the diner, booth or counter? Booth with friends, counter alone.

When I started writing “Alice’s Restaurant”, I had no idea when it would end.

Octopus covered with fluffernutter and onions? You could’ve asked anyway.

I can’t believe that today, 46 years later, I can’t remember how it starts.

The last new skill I acquired is making good foam for a cappuccino.

The first time I got high… wow man, what was the question?

Coming into Los Angeles is auto-biographical. Of course it is.

Of all Woody’s songs “Woody’s Rag” is the one that I play on mandolin because it likes me most because I have it down.

If Woody were alive he’d be most surprised that things haven’t changed all that much.

And what’s changed would please him the most.

But he’d be most worried that we start feeling like we don’t count.

Arlo Guthrie will perform at Patchogue Theatre November 16th in celebration of Woody’s 100th birthday.

MadLibs style questions provided to arlo by nada, mike isenbek, mike block, brian kelly and drew moss.