3 Ways to See Northern California

Known for its giant redwoods, its world-class wine country, its inhospitably cold waters braved only by wet-suited surfers and large sharks, its greenest cash crop and the burnt-out hippies and outlaws who grow it, Northern California is a unique combination of subcultures. You can sniff, swirl, sip and spit with snooty sommeliers one day, camp out on the coast and carefully forage for mushrooms the next and hike and kayak to your heart’s content the day after. Or each one in your group can go his or her separate way and have completely different vacations.

Northern California for the Money-Is-No-Object Traveller

In the style of P.G. Wodehouse (who never made it out West—residing for decades in Remsenburg but never Napa Valley, but if he had, oh boy, would its manners have some comedy)
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The Beer Drinker’s Wine Country Vacation

In which we bid adieu to Bertie and Jeeves and move into brew country…
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Tree Huggers Delight

A walk in the woods that is much more than just a walk in the woods.
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Photos courtesy of The Restaurant at Meadow, Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Alison Taggart-Barone NPS Volunteer Photo Editor/Photographer and GGNRA.