Pulse Rate Decmber 2013

Most depictions of Santa’s sleigh flying through the sky (and billions of children’s drawings) are inaccurate. Male reindeer shed their antlers around Christmastime. Sorry Rudolph.

There are in fact B-cell batteries, logically a little bigger than AA but smaller than C. They caught on in Europe and usually power lanterns or bicycle lamps.

Call “tails” for the best odds of winning a coin flip. The head’s side is generally heavier, it will land on the bottom more often.

The “chasing arrows” symbol on a plastic container is NOT an indication that the vessel is recyclable. Always featuring a number, it actually indicates the type of plastic used and is more for the manufacturer than the consumer.

Surgery cheat sheet: An “-ectomy” involves removing something, a “-stomy” means to create a hole and an “-otomy” involves slicing something.

Between 1 nonillion and 1 decillion degrees Fahrenheit is “Absolute Hot,” or “Planck Temperature,” the highest in conventional physics. To indicate this temperature, a mercury-type thermometer would have to be over 1,000 miles long.

“Right Wing” and “Left Wing” political beliefs came from the French National Assembly of 1789. From the perspective of the president at the center, nobles sat in the place of honor to the right and the commoners sat to the left.

The first webcam was installed in 1991 at the computer department in Cambridge University to watch the building’s coffee pot and eliminate unnecessary journeys to the break room.

As Confederates were cut off from Northern paper mills, they resorted to using wallpaper removed from walls for currency. This led to some interesting background patterns to the notes.

A spot in the South Pacific, 48 degrees, 30 minutes south, 120 degrees, 30 minutes west is the furthest distance from land anywhere in the world: 1,660 miles equidistant from Pitcairn Island and Cape Dart, Antarctica.

Everyone knows John Doe but do you know Richard Roe? Originally a British invention as legal stand-ins for unknown parties, Doe is always the plaintiff and Roe always the defendant.

Get outside and have a good look at the northern and southern horizons. The northern one is four inches further away than the south because the earth isn’t a perfect sphere.