Crispy Apple & Zucchini Latkes


Yes, I know Hanukah just ended, but I simply couldn’t resist sharing one of new favorite “Latke Recipes” that is so yummy and delicious, that you can really make it any time you please! Not one to use white potatoes too often in my recipes, I chose to do a Zucchini Latke this time. However, since the veggie on its own can be a little bland (sorry) I added some wholesome sweet apple, which paired with the onion makes quite the combo! I am a fan of pairing the latkes with some tart Greek yogurt and chunky applesauce. A true hit amongst my family…even the picky ones. ☺


2 medium green zucchini grated
1 small onion grated (I like to grate it right into the batter to get the onion “juice flavor”)
½ apple peeled and grated (red & crisp is a good choice)
2 tablespoons seasoned matzo meal or bread crumbs
1 egg beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
Peanut or vegetable oil for frying (the higher smoke point oils are the best for this recipe)
½ cup Greek yogurt and ½ cup applesauce for dipping


1.) Immediately after grating zucchini, sprinkle with kosher salt and let sit for 10 minutes. Wrap in a clean dishtowel or layer of paper towels and wring out all existing moisture. The dryer the zucchini the better. (Skipping the salt, continue to do the same with the onion & apple removing as much liquid as possible)


2.) Combine zucchini, onion, apple, matzo meal, egg, salt and pepper in a small bowl.


3.) Heat a large frying pan with about ¼ inch of vegetable oil. The oil should be sizzling, but not smoking.

4.) Using an ice cream scooper, scoop out spoonfuls of the batter and gently drops it into the hot oil. Flatten a bit using a spatula into a thick pancake formation. (Do not flatten too much or the latke will be denser than you wish.)

5.) Cook each side for about 2-3 minutes until golden brown and the edges are crisped.


6.) Remove and let them drain on a bed of paper towels on the counter. Serve immediately while hot with yogurt and applesauce on the side.

Nic’s Tips: If you have to make them in advance re-heat the latkes in the oven until crispy.

nicole meyer

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