Beauty Circa 1930

As a makeup artist with an inherently classic signature, I greatly enjoy the opportunity to resurrect vintage beauty. Recently I was commissioned to work on a photo shoot at the newly restored Suffolk Theater in Riverhead New York, to bring the owner’s dream and vision of a perfectly glamorous and Art Deco nuptial experience to Long Island’s bridal audience. Along with being the makeup artist, I also had the role of creating the looks, dress selection, and accessories. I worked with resident photographer Diane Tucci to get the desired look throughout the shoot.

The day started promptly at noon with my colleague; master hair stylist Giovanna Abbate, as we began our professional set ups before our model arrived. Being prepared and organized is the key to a smooth operation, and the overall production went off without a flaw. The makeup, hair styling, fashion styling photography, and support team were in complete sync-it was one of the smoothest productions I’ve ever worked. As for the vision and direction itself, the theme was centered around the decades of the 1930’s and 1940’s. As a fan of old Hollywood glam beauties, this was right up my alley because my work is classic in nature, which means I use minimal color and more of a play with light and dark to create a clean and natural, yet flawless face.

If you wish to recreate a timeless look such as the one seen here, follow my simple guidelines.

The focal point and centerpiece for a timeless façade are the lips. This is where you apply the color; usually in the form of a red in any tone, either warm or cool depending on your skin tone. If you are warmer, then go for a blue red, if you are cooler in skin tone, a fiery red will do.

Eyes should be enhanced using nudes and browns in matte and radiant textures- leave the color out. No blues, greens, purples or any color on the eyes. The eyes appear more delicate, not over lined and not heavy. Be sure to highlight the brow bone with a matte nude tone to accentuate the arch in the brow, giving you a perfectly shaped and clean brow line.

If you refer to an earlier blog of mine titled “Eye Shadow Aplique” dated March 26th 2013, I created a similar look on a model, and it will guide you in regards to applying the colors on your eyes.

My experience was nothing short of incredible, and working in a historic theater setting was ethereal. Upon completion of my work that day, I felt it hard to detach and leave, as always, because I am passionate about my work. I think of each face as a beautiful painting. Each one is different and each one is new, and I find it hard to not stare. I look forward to my next masterpiece.

Photo Credits:
Model: Dana Lauren
Photographer: Dianne Tucci

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.