A Luxurious Encounter with a Local Perfumer

You do not have to go very far to find something extraordinary. Talent and creativity are not a limited resource in our neck of the woods, and I am one of those individuals who feels it very necessary to brag and showcase about it. Especially when the story is full of muses that includes self discovery, emotions and romance, because these are the true elements for any artist to create. It a pleasure to bring you one such artist who uses three very special fragrances to invoke desired sensual experiences for women, Victoria Collette.

MA: Victoria, during our interview you mentioned how important past experiences are in a person’s journey of self discovery. What are some past experiences that remain with you today and inspire you?
VC: My earliest experiences and best memories are as a child growing up seaside in Wantagh, New York. Living so close to Jones Beach and growing up on the water truly gave me an appreciation for living in the moment and capturing that feeling to remember forever. As a child, I also had my first experience with fragrance. At the age of eight, I was going to my first wedding and I was incredibly excited. To make it even more memorable, and I still have the bottle to this day, my mother gave me my very first perfume, and when I wore it, a feeling came over me and I felt like a princess. The name of the perfume was Little Dream Girl, by Avon.

MA: I know from previous conversation that we share a similar story in regards to our former professional careers in the financial world; we both desired a channel to be more individually creative. Tell me a bit about your professional history because it is inspiring how you went from banking to entrepreneur.
VC: After graduating with a degree in business from Alfred University, I obtained a job straight out of college working for a hedge fund in Manhattan and I remained with the organization for five years. Throughout that time, I frequently found myself thinking of ways to make my job more colorful and dynamic. However, in banking, that was not always easy. It was a great job and it afforded me a great life living in NYC, but I felt as if I was missing something. After leaving banking, I entered into a new career direction which allowed me to be more interactive and diverse in my role. Human resources, however, still did not seem to be my fit. After four years in HR, I decided to start over and take some time to truly discover what it was that I wanted.

MA: After nine years and a successful career, that was a bold and risky choice. What sort of things did you do to determine what your passion was?
VC: I spent a lot of time in the self help section of Barnes & Noble looking for books that would guide me. That is when I had my second experience with fragrance. As I was shopping for more self help publications, I ran into a woman who was wearing a perfume that smelled so beautiful I cannot even describe it. I was almost under a spell from its scent and I couldn’t stop staring at this woman next to me. She turned to me and handed me a book and said, “Read this.” I do not remember the name of the book but I do remember that scent and how it made me feel – ethereal. Shortly after handing me the book she departed and I tried to find her however she was nowhere in the store.

MA: At this point Victoria, you have had no experience or ideas circulating in your mind about creating a fragrance line? I think of this as divine intervention from the universe because what you have created is absolutely heavenly.
VC: Thank you! A few years later, a friend told me it was a sign of the future and things to come. I wondered who this woman was and I was intrigued by it. There really was no definitive moment I decided to create a perfume line, but what I did know was that I wanted to help women discover their inner essence. One evening I had an epiphany – create a fragrance that would help women invoke their inner beauty.

MA: How long did it take you to develop and materialize your vision?
VC: There was no absolute moment, and I did not want to create a fragrance centered on specific notes and just put it into a bottle. I wanted to create a fragrance experience to match a woman’s feelings and emotions and enhance them. I look at it this way – I did not choose perfume, it chose me!

MA: Your journey sounds like a dream to me and is very romantic in nature as well. What are your plans for the future? Do you plan on expanding the fragrance line and also diversifying your products?
VC: Yes, I absolutely plan to expand on the fragrance line and also have visions of jewelry and fashion attire in the future; all will be centered on creating that feeling or experience to invoke confidence, vitality, beauty, and sensuality.

Victoria Collette’s fragrance line can be experienced at www.victoriacollette.com in three very special fragrances titled Beauty, Innocence, and Seductress. Each one is meant to give you a special feeling and unlock your inner essence.

As a beauty expert and someone who is very familiar with fragrances, I will say I am very impressed and have been enlightened beyond my current experiences. During this interview, Victoria led me through one of her signature perfume experiences using the essences that are the base for her line. I truly felt a certain emotion or was reminded of a specific memory that made me feel great. My favorite scent is Seductress, because its sweet and spicy scent took me back to my trip to Paris and it reminded me of the hotel lobby where I stayed – the historic Plaza Athenee, steps from the Eiffel Tower. If heaven had a smell this was it and it has stuck with me till this day several years later, and to be reminded of that was absolute bliss because it was the most memorable trip of my life. I was incredibly impressed by Victoria’s one on one demonstration of the power and ability of scents and her personal knowledge; she is truly an expert and artisan of the olfactory system.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.