The Cameron Diaz Method

This week Gold Coast Style caught up with Cameron Diaz at a recent book signing to promote her latest book at the Book Revue in Huntington, New York. This top rated independent bookstore served as the perfect backdrop, to welcome a bubbly author and eager readers, waiting to be inspired on their personal journey to enhanced wellness.

Recognized for her athleticism and positive body image, triumphing under the harsh lenses of media scrutiny, actress Cameron Diaz shares her holistic approach for achieving a healthier physique in her new book entitled The Body Book. Co-written with Sandra Bark, the informative pages help to bring awareness towards the relationship we have with our anatomy, nutrition, personal strength and activity.


After undergoing an extensive and rigorous training process in preparation for a former Charlie’s Angels film, the actress witnessed first hand her own personal health transformation, discovering what her body was capable of with the proper nutrition and care. Diaz spoke candidly as she shared personal experiences and encountered struggles on her journey towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Her process towards becoming the best version of herself on her road to self-discovery serves as but an example, one in which all women can take from on their own journey to self-acceptance. Supported by science, the goals are relatable and obtainable with benefiting results for longevity. Her words echo a positive process that can truly inspire women of all ages.


Unlike past celebrity-inked work, The Body Book is filled with more facts than celebrity fanfare. Its content is separated into three comprehensive categories of nutrition, fitness, and personal growth with each subject supported by leading research of industry experts. Diving into the science of nutrition, Diaz states “The food we consume over the course of a day creates the experiences we have in that day because what we eat carries the stuff of our life – our lives.” The words are approachable with each sentence echoing the actress’s famous candor and beloved humor. The information is straight forward and can be easily applied and integrated into the everyday lifestyles of its readers. Its material resonates with health conscious readers looking to maintain healthier goals in an effort achieve personal long-term solutions.

Despite the contents hard-hitting facts, the book is far more substantial than the run of the mill “Diet Book”. Diet implies the derivation of oneself. The Body Book is an inclusive wellness guide for the gals, providing the tools towards developing a deeper understanding of the body and the relationship in which we have with it. Readers will have the ability to develop a better relationship with their personal anatomy while having ample knowledge, towards making more informed and healthier decisions to suit their lifestyle. As Cameron Diaz concluded “Life is long if you are lucky.”, Every woman should have the knowledge and opportunity to reach their personal best.

Book Revue
313 New York Ave
Huntington, NY 11743