Red Zone February 2014

bBd’s (Burgers, Beers, Desserts)
(631) 849-1620, Rocky Point

Opened: 2013 | Beers: 80-90

What To Know: A custom, wood-gorging grill is visible to patrons seated in salvaged church pews. It’s the coolest locality to meat-watch in Suffolk County. In addition to the grill, owner Ralph Perazzo has created a manual dissecting bBd’s 22 drafts, which includes Montauk Brewing’s Driftwood Ale and De Koningshoeven Brewery’s La Trappe Quadrupel. It’s ale-gebra, not algebra.

What To Drink: Goose Island Brewing’s Bourbon County Brand Stout is dense, roasty, chocolatey and bourbon-boozy. It’s a barrel-aged masterpiece. If you don’t prefer to consume geese, bBd’s “always supports Long Island, especially if I can get my hands on something small and rare,” said Perrazzo. Greenport Harbor Brewing’s Cuvaison, for example, is a Belgian-style ale brewed with Merlot grapes from Cutchogue’s McCall Wines.

Also Try: The Bruery’s Rueuze, a blend of several sour, barrel-aged blonde ales. This gueuze-style ale is lemony, puckery-tart and pairable with bBd’s logo-branded, 12-ounce burger. “The steakhouse burger is cooked over charcoal and wood so you have some nice char and buttery flavors, but the beer’s sour notes cut right through,” said Perrazzo. “I like to have a lot of funky sour stuff, because the tartness goes so well with any meat.”

The Hollow Creamery
(516) 280-3703, Carle Place

Opened: 2010 | Beers: 8-12

What To Know: The Hollow Creamery screams with 21 varieties of ice cream, but Frank Signorello has also compiled a pair-friendly lineup of 8-12 beers (primarily bottles), including St. Bernardus Abt 12 and Blue Point Brewing’s Hoptical Illusion IPA. “The beers are catered to complement the ice cream and we rotate both seasonally,” said Signorello. “It’s a nice, accessible selection that won’t eviscerate your palate.”

What To Drink: Ithaca Beer Company’s Flower Power IPA is a superb example of hoppiness—flavor-stuffed with citrus and floral notes, but not overwhelmingly bitter. Signorello’s favorite ice cream to pair with Flower Power IPA? Pistachio. “Something like vanilla is too mild for the bitterness of an IPA. Pistachio has a nutty taste and meshes well with the citrus and floral flavors.”

Also Try: Anderson Valley Brewing’s Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout is available and again, pairable. “It’s really roasty and chocolatey, so our double chocolate and chocolate zen ice creams go perfect,” said Signorello.

Brew News & New Brews
Farmingdale’s Barrage Brewing is the newest brewery on Long Island. Steve Pominski has already created six beers since opening his two-barrel brewery in January, including Citralization, a “light-bodied, florally IPA only using Citra hops,” and Alexander’s Prohibition Stout, “aged on medium-toasted American oak staves and named after my grandfather, who made beer in his bathtub during Prohibition.”

Oceanside’s Barrier Brewing’s newest bottles are Daddy Warbucks and BBHCFM. The latter, an acronym for Big Black Hoppy Creature From Mars, is a roasty-citrusy spoof of Phish’s “Big Black Furry Creature From Mars.”

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Photo by Stephen Lang

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