Nada’s Notes February 2014

*sun lights up the daytime
moon lights up the night
i light up when you call my name
and you know i’m gonna treat you right…
fever in the mornin’ fever all through the night

february always holds a special place for me, an aquarian. but this february may be among the more special. for one thing, 2014 is the year of the horse. the chinese value the horse’s sense for competition, its speedy ways and its free spirit. i like that. this february being rooted in a year marked for these qualities feels good. and with it, so does this issue. this edition, heralding the redesign of our pages, is a work of balance. the artistry of putting a magazine together is a constant ebb and flow. it is not static, but instead a sublime flux of art, words, culture, trends, ideas, sweat, dreams and all the pleasure and pain that comes with walking the razor’s edge that is a business rooted in the intangible stuff of imagination. anyone in this business would tell you that every issue is a redesign—the beauty of “next month” is going back and refining things. but it’s a different matter entirely when a front to back amelioration of the book is done by the whole team moving in unison. it’s “new and improved,” the madmen might say (though i’m glad we didn’t opt for the brassy gold starburst sticker).

instead, art director kenny janosick and i spoke about symbols—things most people wouldn’t notice like typeface, colors, shapes—that make up every page. we talked about what colors we thought were “most pulse,” which features best exemplify our brand (strong, fun, smart). it’s conversations we have in the specific, every day as the pages are coming to life, but this time it was more of a conversation in the abstract. more about where we wanted to go, and he and his team took us there. online, director of new media michael purgar is following suit. is being modified, the first step of which coincides with this issue, and our newsletters and social media pages are also continuing their evolution. what does this all mean to you? perhaps nothing. or perhaps, the single, silent promise that we, like you, continue to pursue the best ways to embrace long island. just as our coverage champions the entertainment, arts and culture, fashion and lifestyles of our sandbar, our package reflects the choicest design. consider it the symmetry of why you’ve come to love and trust us reciprocated by a bold new look.

also balanced is our interest in the finer things with the freedom to not think about any of that stuff at all. our annual luxe list features some exotic items ranging from a bespoke golf putter to just finding the time for a tea tasting with friends. it’s not about the price tag of the items, but instead a celebration of craftsmanship, history and beauty. indulging in whatever treasures transform daily experiences into marvelous ones, just because. long island’s coffee roasters and bakers know a lot about this. master sweets explores the concept that the little white box with a red or blue string is more than just confections. it’s a forerunner of celebration and a vessel of time—time slowing down to share with family and friends and the time it took the baker to make a special, one of a kind treat for you to relish. perking up profiles roasters who are augmenting the drive-through sensation of america’s favorite drink to something higher, older, earthier. they’re reminding us to stop and think about it, to relax into the glory of the slow drip.

a few people appear on these pages who might be considered yeomen at balancing their pursuits as well. film, tv and stage dynamo kristin chenoweth is balancing genres in her music and in the styles of her performances. she will make her long island debut at tilles center this month, and we caught up with the entertainer about the many facets of her career, j.lo and how it all began. roslyn heights’ rick hoffman spoke to us about his role on the USA network’s legal drama suits. and olympian john daly may be sledding head first (at 90 miles an hour) but paused to tell us about the many twists and turns of his adrenaline junkie habits. balance and free spirits, yes, very february indeed.

*fever if you live and learn fever till you sizzle oh what a lovely way to burn


*fever, peggy lee

Photo by Lynn Spinnato

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.