Kelly Sue “The Dog Lady”

Kelly Sue spends hours every week taking care of dogs that are otherwise ignored. She and a handful of dog lovers from the Riverhead Shelter Volunteer Program have identified some 50 animals across Long Island living permanently chained in squalid yards with little shelter and no companionship. She packs her little yellow truck with food and water and straw and visits the dogs on her route, providing them with medical care and the few humane touches that make their lives more bearable. She brings them food, fills their water bowls and occasionally erects a doghouse so the animals can keep warm and dry. Kelly also helps to educate the dogs’ owners—many of whom are involved in illegal activities—about proper pet care and extricates those dogs whose owners are willing to give them up. Through her efforts with RSVP, Kelly has found foster homes for almost 400 dogs in the last 10 years.