Pulse Rate March 2014

*Information provided by the Pulse Rate is not static and therefore not intended to be an indisputable statement of fact, but it might help you win a bar bet.

Former president Bill Clinton was prospective juror 142 for an NYC murder trial in 2003, but was dismissed because he and his cadre of Secret Service agents were too much of a distraction.

The kangaroo rat can live its entire life (up to five years) without drinking water. It has specialized kidneys and the ability to produce metabolic water within its own body.

Because of the air whipped into it during manufacturing, ice cream is scientifically classified as a foam.

Squares in the original Game of Life created by Milton Bradley himself in the 1860s included “disgrace,” “poverty” and “suicide.”

The Great Lakes hog the spotlight as the biggest in North America, but Great Bear and Great Slave in Canada’s Northwest Territories are bigger than Lake Erie and Lake Winnipeg also outsizes Lake Ontario.

Because Pyrex glass and vegetable oil refract light in exactly the same way, glass submerged in the oil is invisible.

Drinking 100 cups of coffee at once would protect a 150-pound human from the radiation of a nuclear explosion. (Caffeine molecules neutralize damaging free radicals.) Unfortunately, 100 cups of coffee would probably give you a heart attack.

There are no more male whiptail lizards. The species has thrived by virgin birth to such a degree that there is no need for males.

Antarctica doesn’t have time zones. The 4,000 scientists that call it home choose from Greenwich Mean Time, the time of the nearest landmass or whatever prevails in their home countries.

Adhering to the strict definition of a suburb as a residential area set outside a city, Levittown was predated significantly by the outskirts of Ur in Mesopotamia some 5,000 years ago.

Hamsters were unknown to the world until 1930, when 12 were captured in Syria by a British zoologist. Three survived after… unpleasantness…and they are the direct ancestors of today’s pet store denizens.

In 1925, one of JP Morgan’s sons used some of the family’s vast wealth to buy and destroy several of George Washington’s letters that were considered “smutty.”