Letters to the Editor March 2014

What’s the addy?
I have been reading your magazine for quite a while and enjoy it very much. But why didn’t you inform the readers of the addresses in recent issues? Specifically, Memories of Moussaka and Suit Yourself [both from February 2014]?
-Chris Marinaccio, Northport

Pulse responds: Chris, thanks for the kind words. You can find moussaka and other Greek favorites made by chef Kletsidis at Kyma in Roslyn. For a custom suit, Sebastiano Montella can be found working diligently through the storefront of Montella Custom Tailor in Bellport. We don’t list street addresses to save room for more unique information, but it’s all just a Google search away.

Design elements new and old
I see some subtle differences in the magazine’s new design. I like the section titles on the top corners of the pages. But I still don’t like that Nada doesn’t use capital letters, especially on proper nouns like peoples’ names.
– anthony devincenzo, southampton

Warm and cozy bathroom
I read Justine Lorelle LoMonaco’s story [High-End Bath on a Budget, February 2014] and we have a similar bathroom with a Japanese-style hot tub with water heated to about 100 degrees. We use it every day to shower and it’s incredible.
-Richard Brewster, Cutchogue

Easy breezy
I love the new design! It has such a light, airy feel. The new pages at the beginning of each section felt really inviting. I never realized you had a theatre column [Stage] until now and it was great.
-Nicole Burgess, Great Neck

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