Nada’s Notes March 2014

*a bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes were smoking out along the open road the night was very dark and thick between them each man beneath his ordinary load i’d like to tell my story said one of them so young and bold…

after all the holiday spending, january resolutions and tax preparation, march tends to be a time to reflect on money. it is a month when we reconcile all of these things, but also look at the year ahead. and that’s why each march we publish this, our money issue. it is an assembly of the ways we transact our personal economies touching on financial trends, legal issues, politics and even a few intangible investments.

peter king heads up our cover stories, the polemical congressman who has been the subject of many headlines in his nearly 50-year career. you remember him from his provocative statements about american muslims after September 11 or his work to secure disaster relief post-sandy. most recently, he announced he’s musing a run for the white house. in citizen king he talks to jason molinet about some of his views, his backstory and his chops in another arena—the boxing ring. the assiduous fighter has shown he won’t back down no matter how big the brawl; now he’s ready to take on his own party.

my feature, investing redux, focuses on personal economies and how, as we come out of a period of recession, prudence and patience are required more than ever. i checked in with a few influentials in the investment world to find out what is guiding their success. it’s not a list of the five best stock picks or three ways to earn more money. instead, they advocate concentrating on investing in attitudes that enhance financial confidence in yourself and the markets.

our issue also celebrates the best of our region—enjoying money by acquiring memories instead of objects. talking walls covers the armory art show and artexpo exhibits at pier 94 mounting this month. and objectified features elisabeth sussman, curator of the whitney museum who is responsible for their venerable biennial. the three shows are testament to what’s new and what’s different, and wow us they do. closer to home, a more shocking part of local history will take the spotlight. our niko krommydas interviewed lucy winer, the one-time kings park psychiatric center patient whose documentary on the facility plays on LI this month.

st. patrick’s day is big around these parts and we look at the core of the holiday—it has nothing to do with green beer and shamrock printed socks. instead, we focus on the culture that hails from a tradition of lyrical language, symbolism and art. our chris connolly led the charge on this very un-st. patrick’s day package, emerald isle, that will certainly enhance your appreciation for the 17th of march whether you are irish just that one day or all year.

this issue also marks the departure of associate editor michael “HS” isenbek from our staff. michael is moving south to warmer climes, but will continue to pen his celebrated columns from afar (pulse rate, foodie gossip, zoom). the nature of what we do here is so collaborative, it is never one person moving at once. it’s more like a band: one person may step out front for his solo, but we’re all right there with him, grooving his vibe until it’s time to reunite for the chorus. in the case of our HS, who has been here almost since i started the magazine, i can’t imagine an editorial meeting without his singular, decisive nod affirming an idea as either “far out” or encouraging someone’s opinion as “right on.” but he leaves behind a force of editors whose assembly of experience hails from such pubs as this old house, GQ, the onion and wine enthusiast. this carefully assembled team is perfectly poised to advance the best of the pulse tradition and they’ve already taken to our rhythm as well as infused some of their own.

*…the night so dark and thick and green well I guess that these heroes must always live there where you and I have only been


* “a bunch of lonesome heroes,” leonard cohen

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.