Top Ten Legal Eagles 2013 – Allan H. Cohen

Allan H. Cohen
Corporate, Contracts & Business Law

When one thinks of corporate and business law, charity is not the first word that springs to mind. Instead, words like “buy” and “sell” suggest themselves. In identifying an outstanding attorney in an area so intense, so power driven, we decided to consider the nominees’ extracurricular activities as a tiebreaker. The firm of Nixon Peabody dedicates resources to philanthropy across all their offices, and partner Allan Cohen has been among the most active participants. Cohen is focused on mergers and acquisitions, corporate transactions, venture capital and emerging companies, private equity and investment funds, corporate law and contracts. He’s worked with companies operating in the areas of technology, pharmaceuticals, health care and entertainment. He also networks on behalf of clients to identify financing sources, service providers and media outlets for positioning their messages. In short, he won this distinction because of his reputation for getting his clients their money, navigating their deals and guiding them in becoming tomorrow’s market leaders.