Top Ten Legal Eagles 2013 – Douglas E. Rowe

Douglas E. Rowe
Labor Relations & Employment Law

In the year designating this attorney’s merits, 2012, the Supreme Court’s docket was full of cases focusing on labor relations and employment law. The court ruled on whether or not unions could increase dues to cover political contributions. In Arizona v. the United States, they ruled that employing unauthorized aliens is not a criminal act. And of course, in June 2012, the Supreme Court rendered its decision to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act. Rowe pilots clients, both employees and employers, through these grey areas. But he is not just an attorney. As part of the firm Certilman Balin his role is also that of an advocate, successfully handling cases dealing with discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour issues, labor arbitrations and defense of employment-related claims under federal and state statutes. He also enjoys working on restrictive covenants and trade secrets. And while he is a seasoned litigator at both the state and federal levels, he is also adept at steering clients away from litigation when it’s in their best interest to resolve issues outside the courtroom.