Hot Commodity April 2014


Initial Here
There’s a new nameplate in town and it’s setting itself apart from the many that have come before it. What originated as diamonds set in gold in the shape of legal names recently dwindled down to a display of initials only, all of them scripted together in a medallion of sorts. This time it is a simple single letter—full stop. Choose your metal: Sterling; 14k yellow, rose or white gold or simply gold plate.

Available at Libutti Diamond Jewelers, Huntington, $300-$1,000


Raise the bar
Many things could have inspired Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famed poem, How Do I Love Thee—maybe even a chair. If it was, perhaps the inspiration looked something like this handsome stool, harmonizing light hardwood and darkened steel, sturdy with soft, rounded lines. Proud but understated. A chair like this transitions easily from the kitchen island to the basement bar to poolside café seating. Not in a split personality way, but in an honest, well crafted, any occasion sort of way.

Silk Route reclaimed wood and iron chair, $395 | Batik pillow in canvas, $88
Both available at Renee’s, Mattituck, (631) 298-4223