Summer Cashmere

Pulse checked in with Christopher Fischer about the luxurious fibers he’s knitting for any season. Fischer, a designer who began his career in the Hamptons but has since gone global, is known for his work with cashmere the way Calvin Klein is known for jeans and Hermès is known for scarves.

Long Island Pulse: What types of cashmere items are wearable in warmer months?
Christopher Fischer:
Lightweight and fine gauge styles knitted with superfine cashmere yarn spun from only the finest and longest fibers.

Pulse: How do your pieces dress up for formal or professional settings?
We always incorporate both fine gauge and fitted shapes into each collection. These can be worn to an evening event or in a professional environment—from a little black cashmere dress to the perfect piece for layering under a Chanel jacket.

Pulse: Where do you find your inspiration for each line?
All designers are influenced by what they see and what happens around them. I have always relied on my instincts in reacting to that.

Pulse: Where did your passion for cashmere originate?
As a teenager in England in the late 60s and 70s I had a passion for black cashmere turtlenecks. At the time the fashion craze was for skinny Shetland sweaters, “Le Shetland” as they were known in France. But for me there was only cashmere… Much, much later the president of a major luxury department store said to me that I “live in a world of cashmere. That I dream it, create it and live with cashmere all around me.” I suppose the passion has only grown over the years.