Dogged Personalities

Canines have unique characters suited to distinct lifestyles. Five favorites include:


Weight: 19-24 pounds
Height: 13-16 inches
Grooming: Basic, frequent bathing
Tolerant to a fault, this nimble, happy-go-lucky pooch is playful and always up for adventure. They are not averse to a little roughhousing either, despite their small size, which makes them an excellent choice for families with smaller children.

Weight: 50-90 pounds
Height: 22-29 inches
Grooming: High maintenance
Briards are a shaggy-yet-agile herding breed that enjoy an active, busy lifestyle and owners with a similar sporty mindset. They relish a good workout and are a handsome mix of intelligence and athleticism.

Great Dane
Weight: 120-200 pounds
Height: 28-34 inches
Grooming: Easy and minimal
Described as a gentle giant, the Dane’s sheer size belies its reserved nature. For owners whose spare time is limited, Danes are as at home alone on a couch or holding court, requiring minimal grooming and not much exercise.

Weight: 60-80 pounds
Height: 27-30 inches
Grooming: Minimal, just a bath
As pets Greyhounds are known as “the world’s fastest couch potatoes.” They are low-key—quiet, calm and well mannered—and rather independent minded. While affectionate, they don’t feel compelled to dote. A smart choice for people who aren’t the “dog type.”

Yorkshire Terrier
Weight: 7 pounds
Height: 6-7 inches
Grooming: Regular, weekly combing/brushing
Yorkies are built for portability. They are adaptable little beasts that relish being toted around. The choice dog for owners on the move who need their furry pals on hand at all times.

illustrations courtesy of american kennel club