she’ll be waiting up with a magazine for me

*and i can’t wait to get off work and see my baby, she said she’d leave the porch light on for me. i’m disheveled and i’m disdainful… but this job sweeping up here is gainfully employing me tonight.

you can learn a lot about human behavior by watching animals. i realized that while on safari in africa. a baby elephant got separated from her mother. she shrieked. the mother turned with a powerful wash of her ears, fixed the baby in her sights and tore across the field to get her. as soon as mama was close, the little one seemed to smile. it was one of those big, pure african moments. i realized right then and there how love and instincts are inextricably connected. animals reflect the human condition in other ways, too. when a cow’s ribs are sticking out of his sides, you can guess the farmer doesn’t have much to eat either. but when, as is often the case on long island, a dog travels first class on a family outing or a cat is wearing a bespoke collar, it tells you something about the condition of the owners’ lifestyles.

in my interview with candy udell, president of london jewelers and founder of the rescue paw foundation, she said her mission is hinged on humane education as much as it is on saving animals. candy believes that animals teach us compassion, responsibility and respect for all beings. our cover model beth stern, the north shore animal league ambassador, would agree. so would barbara miller, president of the long island kennel club. our three rescue gals are connecting abandoned pets with loving homes and advocating for animal rights. in this, our inaugural pets & vets segment, these profiles are rounded out with guides to choosing the right companions and finding the veterinary professional to care for them.

we also have david crosby the inimitable third of crosby, stills & nash (or one-fourth of CSNY) waxing on civil rights. in our exclusive interview he shared his thoughts about the state of america’s socio-political climate (you’d have to expect that from crosby), his love for his professional counterparts and his newest album, croz. in living legend…a man among men NFL icon and film star jim brown spoke to our brett mauser about race, success and what it means to be a professional. and, in lessons from the holocaust, aileen jacobson honors the human spirit with stories of survivors who are actively sharing their memories to ensure the tragedy isn’t repeated.

to meet spring’s feeling of lightness and renewal, our invitation only fashion story is as exquisite and fresh as the season and the spread’s backdrop, the recently updated garden city hotel. shop like a pro is a composite of experts trafficking in style, image and décor who share their tips on what to buy and where to find it. a few hot commodities, tastes & trends spotlighting summer cashmere, retail therapy and stuff men want round out the pages meant to scratch that shopping itch. our domains section includes the stories to get home projects underway—and the professionals who can get you there. the lineup covers big trends for this year as well as a look at the real estate market and a peek inside five extraordinary estates.

between it all, we know you want to get out and take in the best of arts, culture and entertainment. we celebrate national poetry month with a world café, writer and poet george wallace’s interview with our counties’ poets laureate, the return of our poetry in vision and a lineup of events and recent chapbooks for taking in the written (or spoken) word. scarlett johansson is under the skin this month in her new film and in our film column. brooklyn museum’s sharon matt atkins, subject of objectified, talks about bringing china’s controversial ai weiwei to NY. richard scholem reviews garden city’s plancha (among others)—the gritty but chic tapas bar is a portal to southern spain. and lovers of brown goods and prohibitionera cocktails can rejoice two ways. one via our featured seelbach drinkology, made at home or directing a bartender at the watering hole of choice. the other by visiting with mixologist ryan garrison, sipping his danville train at tullulah’s (bay shore’s arcadian small plates food-spot), a non-stop trip to dixie by way of the music of levon helm.

*i can’t wait to get off work and see my baby she’ll be waiting up with a magazine for me,


* “i can’t wait to get off work,”
tom waits

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.