Pulse Rate April 2014

Going beyond deadline used to be far more dire than upsetting a supervisor. The term came from the Civil War and was an invisible line 12 feet in from the fence at Confederate Andersonville Prison. Those who went over the line were shot.

Right-handed pitcher Octavio Dotel has played for a record 13 MLB teams, including the Mets and Yankees. His longest tenure was three seasons and three months with the Houston Astros.

To ease stomach problems, Benito Mussolini ate only milk and crackers for an entire year. The massive calcium deposits in his intestines eventually led him to give up the diet, but he suffered withdrawal symptoms when he quit the moo juice.

Earth’s atmosphere technically ends about 120,000 miles into space. Beyond this point, the planet’s gravity is too weak to hold onto gases.

Come to beautiful Camp Bonifas in the North/South Korean DMZ and play “The World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course.” The course is a par 3, 1-hole at 192 yards and the rough is dotted with land mines.

About 1,200 square miles of Antarctica is a rocky wasteland, free of ice, because varying land elevations keep away precipitation.

The original Catch-22 (from the book): You don’t have to fly any more missions if you’re crazy, but asking to be grounded is proof that you’re not crazy.

While the familiar helicopter flies using a rotor, an ornithopter is a flying machine that travels through the air via a set of flapping wings.

Organ pipes vary from less than an inch to 32 feet in length. This gives the pipe organ a range of nine octaves, the most of any instrument.

Place name translations: Nottingham—Home of Snot’s People. Dahomey—On the Stomach of Dan. Grozny— Awesome. Topeka—A Good Place to Dig Potatoes.

There were two other Wright brothers and a sister, but they weren’t pioneering aeronautical engineers.

“Ecdysiast” is a “more dignified” term for a stripper, coined by writer H. L. Mencken at the request of famous striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee. It is a variation on the biological term for molting.

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