Searching for Sugar Man’s Rodriguez to Perform at Tilles Center


The 2012 Oscar award-winning documentary, Searching for Sugar Man, traced the efforts of Stephen ‘Sugar’ Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom to find out what happened to Mexican-American songwriter Sixto Rodriguez.

On May 6, Rodriguez will be found at the Tilles Center where he is performing for one night only.

The folk musician whose two albums in the 1970s failed to find much of an audience in the United States has seen his career revitalized thanks in part to Segerman’s and Strydom’s quest to find him and the subsequent documentary.

Segerman and Bartholomew were Cape Town fans of Rodriquez whose music did find a wide audience in South Africa. In 1997, the two set off to find out what had happened to Rodriquez. They found him a year later living in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Long Island Pulse Magazine has three pairs of tickets to Rodriquez’s performance at the Tiles Center on Tuesday, May 6 to give away. But you have to work for them. Post the correct answer to one of these questions in the comments and three people will each win a pair of tickets. If there are more than three right answers we’ll hold a random drawing. Winners will be announced on April 30.

What was the name of the single Rodriquez released before his two albums?

Besides South Africa what other countries was Rodriquez’s music popular in?

What line of work was Rodriquez in after those 1970s albums and before his rediscovery in 1998?