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Christian DiSapio, founder of FitnesScience has degrees in fitness and kinesiology and has been getting his clients’ bodies into shape for 17 years. But DiSapio’s services extend beyond conditioning muscles—he also provides expert design advice on creating the ideal at-home gym.

Long Island Pulse: What would your perfect home gym include?
Christian DiSapio:
Eventually, the body will adapt to using the same type of equipment. The ability to switch or cycle between different types of resistance will be an important factor to keep the body challenged. Depending on the budget, there are three different options, the least expensive being a set of different strength resistance bands with some sort of door or wall attachment. A more expensive option would be a set of interlocking dumbbells. And the most expensive would be an adjustable multi-functional trainer or adjustable cable-crossover machine.

Pulse: What is the one item no home gym is complete without?
An inflatable exercise ball. There is no other piece of equipment that can match the versatility that this $25 investment will provide. It can be used for strengthening, stretching and balance, along with being a substitute or option for a chair or bench.

Pulse: What consideration should be given to the design of the room?
A home gym should ideally be in its own separate area that is used only for exercise. Similar to going to a gym or fitness facility, a home gym should be a sort of sanctuary associated with only fitness and exercise. A light and bright area will enhance mood and motivation. Rubber flooring to go under equipment and add some cushioning to the floor can be a good idea, or you could add shock-absorbing wood floors. The room should have the ability be kept at a cool 66-68 degrees. Try to keep a 4×6-foot open space for stretching in all directions and for a variety of movement options.

Pro Tip, Christian DiSapio
The biggest mistake I see most people make with their home gym is thinking they must have a treadmill. If you are a runner and have the need to be able to run anytime, then you will probably want to include a treadmill in your gym. However, for most people a quality elliptical machine is probably the better option.

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