WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays May 2014

Harry Wareing’s picks for 92.9 and 96.9 WEHM New Release Tuesdays (airing every Tuesday from 9–10pm) run the gamut from smooth grooves to danceable ecstasy.

Ray Lamontagne recently ended a four-year album drought with Supernova. The title track is a delicate love song couched in sunny pop stylings complemented by Lamontagne’s cozy rasp and deft lyrical phrasing.

Lou is singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur’s album-long, all-cover tribute to late rock icon Lou Reed. His rendition of “Walk on the Wild Side,” Reed’s classic ode to NYC freaks, morphs from mellow groove to gentle ballad—a melodic elegy for a recently deceased legend.

Coldplay have nothing left to prove, but that doesn’t stop the group’s output of infectious, reflective songs. “Magic,” from their latest album, Ghost Stories, is a love song with a hip-hop backbeat and frontman Chris Martin alternating between a coo and a wail.