Simply Smashing

Some of the best exercises are ones that help blow off a little steam. Enter the ball slam—a full-body power move that utilizes the lats, shoulders, arms, core and legs, ending with a very satisfying smack on the floor. A 30-second bombing bout can serve as part of a heart-pounding warm-up. Or use the move to complete a challenging tri-set of a lower body move (such as step-ups) and an upper body exercise (like bent-over rows) performed in 10-rep sets back-to-back. Regardless of the scheme, before tossing the medicine ball willy-nilly, learn the correct form.

1. The Setup
Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart, toes ever so slightly turned out. Grasp the medicine ball in both hands. Inhale and raise it up a few inches above and in front of the forehead.

2. The Action
Begin by squatting down, weight in the heels, backside pushed out. Start exhaling and forcefully thrust the arms down, elbows bent and out to the sides while pulling in from the belly button to engage the core muscles. Release the ball at about chest height, spiking it to the floor

3. The finish
Catch the ball on its rebound with both hands—or squat lower to pick up a “dead” ball—and press up from the squat by clenching the glute muscles. Bring arms back overhead to reload for the next slam.