Letters to the Editor May 2014

The Man Who Would be King
Peter King [profiled March 2014] is not only a congressman, he is the voice of reason and the only person left in politics who truly represents the people of his community. While others talk in rhetoric, Pete King speaks in facts and truth.
-John Ryan, Seaford

Peter King comparing himself to Teddy Roosevelt just shows what a contemptuous narcissist he is. He couldn’t hold a candle to Teddy anywhere outside of his own mind. The only thing he’s tough about is letting the NSA peer into every facet of your life. It’s like he just ignores the leaks about the NSA programs and keeps lying to his constituents.
-Gordon via email

Irish Eyes are Smiling
Thank you for the Emerald Isle feature [March 2014]. What a wonderful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day by reading your well-informed article about Irish culture, especially on Long Island. You also keep up another great Irish tradition, i.e., great writing!
-Tom Myles, Oakdale

Poet Laureate Responds
A wonderful piece giving us the range and history of poets on Long Island as both local and transnational. [Long Island Poetry: A World Café, April 2014.] It is indeed comforting to know that all of us are “transplants” except the Native American poets living here. Poetry is a living, breathing thing inhabiting every town and classroom and coffee shop. It is truly an organic part of everyday life on Long Island and its heartbeat is synchronous with the waves on the Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Can you hear it?
-Pramila Venkateswaran, East Setauket
Suffolk County Poet Laureate

Applause for Croz
Your David Crosby piece [David Crosby Can Finally Remember His Name, April 2014] was a wonderful article about a man who I consider my musical hero. What great songs he has written over the years! His new album, Croz, has been in my player since I got the pre-release. Thanks for a great story!
-Chuck Williams, Mattapoisett MA

A Return to Kings Park
Mr. Krommydas, you did a great job on the interview with Lucy Winer. [March 2014] I think you both brought some new and relevant insights to the conversation regarding transinstutionalization. Thanks so much.
-Karen Eaton, producer A Return to Kings Park

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