keep on walkin’ to the happy blues…

*…keep on relating to the good, yeah
and it’ll work out come what may

i got my spirit and i got my pride
i know i’m not perfect but my step is in stride
i’m gonna keep on walkin’ to the happy blues…

may is the month for our annual wellness issue. although the subject is a part of each edition, this season is a particularly good time to expand on the theme with articles that inform and motivate us and we enjoy covering the best of some of the offerings on these pages.

ron darling is often recognized as a gentleman of the first degree for a variety of reasons: he’s a worldy, yale educated, all-around nice guy with a great sense of style. oh, and a litany of phenomenal baseball achievements. in his interview with associate editor chris connolly, the former mets’ pitcher noted the quickest way for someone to learn about a disease is for his child to be diagnosed with it—he was talking about his work trying to strike out diabetes. darling also revealed some of his other aspirations as well as his belief in noblesse oblige—the principle behind his moral compass.

for improving fitness and diet, we keep it fun and we keep it outdoors. bocce is the next “it” thing and a huntington-based league is proving it’s not grandpa’s game anymore. we’ve also got a lineup of the adult leagues open for registration (like volleyball, soccer and tennis), some easy-to-remember tips on minimizing sugar and a list of weight loss milestones that aren’t based on numbers. for the spiritual and mental side of the health paradigm, our resident therapists look at how much crazy is normal and why changing an opinion is healthy. and if all other attempts at bliss fail, we’ve got a step-by-step on stress relief and soaking up some well-deserved bathematics.

our annual LI’s top doctors is a guide to finding the best physicians in general medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, plastic surgery and related areas of practice. access to world-class health care is part of what makes long island one of the best places to live, this section makes it easy to find a choice provider. on a more serious note, we cast a light on a painful and momentous threat: heroin addiction is rapidly increasing in our region. i hope you’ll join us in helping organizations that support families facing this crisis. for a very compelling narrative depicting how urgent the need is, long island’s addiction follows the arc of one high school star from his dependence to incarceration to getting clean and finding hope.

for inspiration to get out and do something—and overcome personal challenges—we celebrate a few special people in this issue, too. oyster bay’s ryan tveter has been racing cars across the globe with the goal of becoming a formula 1 driver. this month he takes his next turns at vital european circuits. amy palmiero-winters is an athlete running ultramarathons with a very special track record: she is not just the first woman to win these races, she’s the first to compete with a below-the-knee prosthetic. still, there are none quite so special as mom. to honor the matron of your family this mother’s day, our objects of mom’s desire features exquisite gift ideas.

gents doing any spring shopping will do well to check out epic men’s style before hitting the stores. these are the ideal looks for work and play that will satisfy through labor day. shady guys, the companion piece, features sunglasses to complete the garb and stuff men want tops it off with a look at the ultimate hats, sneakers and one very cool, very socially responsible leather tote. for gear heads who’ve seen the gorgeous and disturbing star-studded the counselor, you probably can’t get the cameron diaz “windshield scene” out of your mind. our portrait of a supercar features a slightly less fogged-up version of the ferrari that will have you california dreaming.

*we got to keep things on the upswing,
even when they don’t seem to be that way,


* “the happy blues (let me in your life outtake),” aretha franklin


nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.