Art is Alive at the Long Island Museum

Art is alive at the Long Island Museum and its name is LIMarts, a new collaborative artists’ group.

“Our community stands at the core of the Long Island Museum and community involvement is essential for our revitalization and continuing relevance,” Neil Watson, executive director of the Long Island Museum said. “What better way to involve the community than to invite our artists to be a part of this new initiative. Long Island is home to hundreds of talented artists and artisans; we want to offer them a creative space in which to share their artwork, their ideas and their experiences.”
The group includes artists from across Long Island, including Doug Reina from Stony Brook who is part of the 14-person steering committee.

“A lot of us are excited for the opportunity to grow,” Reina said. “If you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room.”

The Long Island Museum offers the artists a staff with a lot of resources behind them. Until the creation of this group, however, Reina said local artists often not a main focus of the museum.

“The Long Island Museum didn’t focus much on local artists,” Reina said. “It was a place I use to drive by and now this place is coming alive.”

Reina said he doesn’t know exactly what the outcome of group, still in its initial stages, will be, but that he expects it to be a lot of fun and a way to allow artists to share ideas and techniques.


“Things Long Ago” by LIMarts member Annemarie Waugh

Membership to the group will allow artists to show and share their work with the community and that’s already happening. Works from the 14-person steering committee will be on display through June 1, 2014. Later in 2014, LIMarts work will be on display at the Visitor’s Center and open to the public throughout the year. In 2015, when the museum reopens there will be permanent space for LIMarts members to exhibit and sell their work in the former gift and bookshop.

During the rest of this year, the group will invite new members to join them and plans will become more developed.

The members of the 14-person steering committee are: Al Candia, Jeanette Dick, David Dircks, Colleen Hanson, Michael Kutzing, Ed McEvoy, Eleanor Meier, Jim Molloy, Rick Mundy, Lois Reboli, Doug Reina, Irene Rudduck, Eileen Sanger and Annemarie Waugh and Shirley Wegner.