Strongest Guitar String Ever Made Being Produced in Long Island

The Brooklyn Bridge has inspired a lot of dreams in its nearly 150-year history, including one that can be traced to a factory in Farmingdale, Long Island. D’Addario & Company recently launched their new NYXL electric guitar string. The origins of that string start with cable wires from the Brooklyn Bridge.

D’Addario CEO Jim D’Addario was given a piece of cable wire from the Brooklyn Bridge by a friend. That wire is in his office and was what was re-engineered to produce the NYXL string.

That string, according to the D’Addario company is the strongest and most stable music string on the market.

The new strings are made completely on site in Long Island. To make them D’Addario started with high-carbon steel alloys and then redid the wire drawing process and corrosion-resistant tin coating. Each unwound string is coated in a molten tin bath to create and even coating for corrosion protection. The results are guitar strings, the company says, bend farther than standard strings and stay in tune better.

“There have been only two meaningful generations of round wound electric guitar strings,” Jim D’Addario said. “The original formula, originating in the 1950s, used pure nickel, creating a characteristically mellow sound. In the early sixties, my father, John D’Addario, Sr. introduced a brighter sounding, second generation nickel-plated steel string, which became the industry standard for the next five decades. Today, 80 percent of all electric guitar strings are based on his formula.”

Earlier this year D’Addario moved it’s carbon steel wire mill from Massachusetts to Farmingdale, New York. The move created about 30 new jobs on Long Island and helped the company invent the string as now all of the engineering and manufacturing is done on site. D’Addario plans to distribute the product in more than 120 countries.

Check Pulse Insider Tuesday, for more on the history of D’Addario in Long Island.