Q&A with the Bellerose-based band Butchers Blind

Bellerose, New York band Butchers Blind recently released their new album. The band is made up of Pete Mancini (guitar/vocals), Paul Cianciaruso (drums/vocals), Brian Reilly (bass), Christopher Smith (piano). They shared why they haven’t stopped yet, their greatest musical influences and more with Pulse Insider.

Pulse Insider: How did you get your start in music?
Butchers Blind: We all had our own unique musical upbringings and a shared appreciation of records, so we started a band. The names have changed over the years, but we haven’t stopped yet. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Pulse Insider: What are your greatest musical influences?
Butchers Blind: Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks, The Replacements, The Band, Gram Parsons.

Pulse Insider: How would you describe your music to someone you just met?
Butchers Blind: We play American Music.

Pulse Insider: Give us your 5-word pitch to a record label.
Butchers Blind: “We won’t s*** the bed.”

Tell us your hometown, where you live now and whatever biographical details you’d like to share:
Butchers Blind: Our hometown is the Bellerose/Floral Park area, which continues to serve as our de-facto stomping ground. We like beer.