Love of People and Beauty Behind Wax Republic

It was time for Lisa Lazzara to open her own business. After working as an esthetician in Manhattan since 2007, launching a skin care line, getting married and backpacking for 18 months it was just time.

“It was time to do my own thing,” Lazzara said.

Her own thing is Wax Republic, a boutique wax salon in Huntington Village, serving male and female clients. Step inside the Main Street salon and you’re greeted by lilac walls, a minimalist lobby without tons of products to clutter it up, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a cozy purple bench that looks out on the street making it the perfect place for people watching while waiting for an appointment.


The design is all Lazzara. She painted the ceiling of the 100-year-old building black before opening and as for the lilac color she says her clients seem to appreciate it.

“People find the lilac soothing,” Lazzara said.

But as soothing as the inside of the salon was the timing of the opening wasn’t as great.

“I opened in February, during a blizzard; the whole town was shut down,” Lazzara said.

She treated that as her soft opening and had a grand opening this past March when the weather had begun to improve.

Roughly 90, days later and Lazzara is settling in, saying she’s starting to get some repeat clients and is thinking of bringing on a fourth employee.


She currently has two waxing rooms open, offering a variety of face and body waxing services, and she has the space to open a third room. The salon specializes in Brazilian waxing, because Lazzara said she saw how inconsistent it was across the industry and wanted to provide a service people could count on.

“Ours takes 15 minutes,” Lazzara said.


Lazzara credits the town with helping her to get those repeat clients. The Rochester native has fallen in love with Huntington, which she relocated to, in order to open Wax Republic.

“Everyone has been super supportive,” Lazzara said. “The hair salons are amazing at sending people to me. It’s been very good. The people here tend to want to see someone do well.”

And Lazzara wants to see others do well.

“I love people and I love beauty,” she said. “I love making people feel their best.”

Not that there haven’t been challenges, opening in a blizzard aside. She said being new means defining your brand and growing you business takes time.

“It’s slow and steady, and challenging to be patient.”

But so far she says they have had nothing but positive reviews from clients and old-fashioned word of mouth and social media word of mouth is helping her business.

“One day I’d love to have three to five places on Long Island,” Lazzara said.

For now she’s getting ready for the busy summer season and she had some tips for those thinking of waxing for the first time.

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