A Window on Design

Perfectly styled windows are the foundation of stunning décor.

Windows are arguably the most important design feature in any room. But choosing the right ones can be a challenge, especially considering the never-ending range of sizes and shapes. Buying the biggest window possible isn’t always the best route. Instead, architect Michael Macrina considers the best possible style first.

Pulse: How can windows enhance the design of a home?
Michael Macrina:
The majority of homes on Long Island have a traditional style, adding grills to windows is a key feature that adds detail to your home. There are optional colors when purchasing a window. Don’t be afraid to stray away from white and choose a tan or brown, or even a dark green.

Pulse: Every kitchen has window. Which style works best?
In the kitchen there is usually a window over the sink. For that application I would recommend a casement window because it is very difficult to lean over a two-foot deep countertop to lift up the sash on a double hung window. A casement-style window has an easier to use crank.

Pulse: Is it okay to mix different styles of windows or should they all be the same?
No, not all. It all depends on the design of the house…The bay window can have a little bit of a diamond grill pattern. You can even change the grill pattern to a diagonal for detail purposes. You can mix the grill patterns any way you like.

Pulse: Is it better to use a taller, skinny window or a short, wide one?
We do a lot of those types of windows especially for their attractiveness and charm. Placing a small 2-by-2 foot window is great to add detail, but a tall, skinny window in the bathroom or laundry room can bring in light and is a nice added design feature. Tall skinny windows are great in smaller spaces too.

Pulse: What are some of your favorite non-traditional window shapes?
My favorite window shape is the full circle. It adds a nautical feeling to homes near the water or on the beach. It contributes to the idea of a beach house and offers detail and a great view.

Nautical décor is a big trend this season, as it usually is in summer. Round windows are just the start.

photo: kenny janosick