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Port Jeff Brewing Company has created Waterfront Wheat exclusively for SALT Waterfront Bar and Grill on Shelter Island. This is Port Jeff’s third wheat-prominent ale, joining Hook Line Hefeweizen and White’s Beach Wit, but each is brewed with different yeast to produce unique characteristics.

“Waterfront’s yeast is witbier, giving us less cloudiness and a lot less of the banana and clove flavors you’d normally find in a hefeweizen,” said Michael Philbrick, owner and brewmaster. “We also used lemongrass and grains of paradise in the recipe, so it’s more of a light blonde ale with wheat.”
Waterfront will pour at SALT until Labor Day.

Edelweiss Delicatessen
(631) 544-5404, Kings Park

Opened: 1990 | Beers: 50

Atmosphere: “I need a pound of liverwurst…and a six-pack of Paulaner Salvator.”

What To Know: This potato salad-preparing delicatessen is an authentic dose of Deutschland; David Hennings’ parents were both born in Germany. They immigrated and opened a delicatessen in Queens, then followed with several on Long Island. Hennings continues the tradition with made-to-order sandwiches and house-made schtuffs (the latter include bratwurst and sauerkraut). My preference is his selection of hefeweizens, doppelbocks and pilsners. The bottle-only battalion features approximately 35 beers from Germany. 

What To Drink: Hacker-Pschorr’s  Sternweisse is one of four beers that were already released in Germany, but which are debuting in the United States in 2014. This cloudy, marmalade-colored weizen has flavors of breadiness, clove, banana and citrus.

Also: Weihenstephaner Korbinian, a raisiny, roasty, bakery-scented doppelbock. It’s another malt-forward masterpiece, though darker, sweeter and stronger than Sternweisse. 

Road Trip
(631) 473-8525, Port Jefferson Station

Opened: 2013 | Beers: 60

Atmosphere: A beer-fueled journey across America.

What To Know: The former home of Eldorado Southern Bar & Grill is now a Hard Rock Cafe-resembling bar-taurant plastered with ginormous photographs of touristy attractions. A contrast to Hennings at Edelweiss, Philip Krumpter only pours American-based breweries: Bell’s Brewery, Avery Brewing Co., Two Roads Brewing Co., and Ballast Point Brewing Co. are mainstays of the 52-draft lineup. I can visit Mount Rushmore and Mount Beermore, without leaving Port Jeff Station—or even my bar stool.

What To Drink: The beer is primarily organized by style, but Road Trip also has a category of 10-12 assorted drafts solely for “the real beer geeks who want to be wowed,” said Krumpter. This recently included two rarities from Founders: KBS, a deliciously rich, cave-aged stout swirling with chocolate, coffee, bourbon and vanilla, and Barrel Aged Red’s Rye IPA, which subdues the original’s hoppiness with assertive notes of bourbon and wood. Krumpter also dabbles with one-brewery showcases. Samuel Adams is slated to invade with 30 beers in July.

Also: Homesick? Road Trip travels to several breweries on Long Island. Rocky Point Artisan Brewers’ Crom is a juicy, tropical-heavy IPA stuffed with citra hops. This is an uncharacteristically American-influenced creation from the German-style brewery—an appropriate offering during your stateside brew-cruise.

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