Showtime June 2014

Transcendence Thru Mind and Action

A group of nine artists transcend intended use and context to make their statements in wall hangings, sculpture and installation. “Sum of its Parts,” a mass of steel-belted radial tires manipulated by Nicole Hixon become a treatise on attraction and caution, while Michael Kukla’s honeycombs of masking tape are studies of form. But such repurposing doesn’t always have to be static. Joseph Esser’s “Kinesthetic 1.0” installation creates volumetric waveforms in repurposed monofilaments that vibrate with intensity caused by the viewer’s distance from the exhibit.

Transcendence Thru Mind and Action will be exhibited at the Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills until June 21.
(631) 462-5400,

DeLalio, DE Gruyl and Mann

Three area artists are putting on a show that takes the pencil and the like far beyond preliminary sketches. The seemingly informal drawings of DeLalio tell stories of fatalistic absurdity with familiar characters in difficult situations. Veteran “drawist” Tom de Gruyl uses charcoal Conté to send the viewer on abstract journeys rife with profound messages. Jon Mann filters straightforward images through his subconscious, then produces the distorted result in colored pencil.

DeLalio, deGruyl, and Mann will hang until June 14 at Ripe Art Gallery in Huntington.
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