WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays June 2014

Every Tuesday night from 9-10pm, 92.9 and 96.9 WEHM drop the latest tunes from top artists on their New Release Tuesdays. June’s crop of songs mix retro and modern textures with out-and-out rock.

Don’t let the “jamband” appellation color your opinion, the guys in moe. are formidable songwriters. Their latest, “Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes” from the just-released No Guts No Glory is a jaunty, exuberant pop tune peppered with horns and a rocking guitar solo.

Upstate NY folkies and former NYC buskers The Felice Brothers return with Favorite Waitress. The single, “Cherry Licorice,” is an intriguing mix of down-home fiddle and accordion plus a rock backbeat tied together with unmistakably Dylanesque vocals.

Jack White après-White Stripes is doing pretty well for himself. His second solo album Lazaretto includes “Highball Stepper” an impressionistic instrumental trip through rock history with backwards and forwards 60s guitar textures and super-distorted punkish riffery.