Kristine W gets ready for Long Island Pride

Kristine W promises those that see her perform at Long Island Pride on Saturday, June 14 are going to have a good time.

“It’s just really fun,” said W.

The artist just recently released, “So Close To Me,” the second single from her album New & Number Ones, which of course will be one of the songs she’ll perform. She describes the song as a reminder that even in a world full of electronic gadgets there is no stronger connection than real human contact.

“‘So Close To Me’ is a celebration of the magic of real face time,” W said. “It’s very powerful. Great things, both creatively and emotionally, happen when people come together in-person. “

The dancers in the music video of “So Close To Me” are dancers she’s worked with for years and will there be at Long Island Pride with her.

“I have been working with the same dancers for years,” she says. “While on the road, we are each other’s support system. We share our ideas and act as sounding boards for one another.”

At Long Island Pride their performance, W said will be full of energy and non-stop dancing. She’s also planning a meet and greet for 45 minutes or so after the show.

“This is like a birthday present for me, it’s right by my birthday, I love the east coast and I get see a lot of friends.”

Long Island Pride starts at 12 p.m. with a parade and the pridefest begins at 1. For more information visit Long Island GLBT Services Network online.