Digital Battle of the Bands: Surefire

Local bands are competing against one another on social media for a chance to play at Nikon Jones Beach Theater this summer. Pulse Insider is catching up with the 19 bands competing to help you decide which one to vote for.

Pulse Insider: Give us your six word-pitch for why you win Digital Battle of the Bands:
Our sound will stay with you.

Pulse Insider: How did you get your start in music?
I wasn’t raised in a musical family and didn’t have any interest in music until I first heard Eminem’s music when I was 14-years-old. I realized that music is something that’s truly compelling rather than something that celebrities do to get famous. During high school I discovered classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and The Who, and when I finished listening to The Who’s album “Who’s Next,” I decided to learn to play an instrument. As I got deeper into bass, I realized that I could write songs, and everything just started from there.

Pulse Insider: How would you describe your music to someone you just met:
Surefire is a band that tries to marry the Black Keys’ creative perspective on the Blues with Arctic Monkey’s speed, brashness and lyrical heft. Lately I’m also trying to add in some Arcade Fire honesty and bombast. Neil Young is another critical influence in my songwriting. I also try to tap into my background as a Taiwanese guy moving to the US to search for a musical career, and the things I see along the way.

I would like to say thank you from all of us in Plague of Humanity for giving us a listen and maybe we will catch you at one of our shows in the future.

Vote for Surefireon Facebook.

The bands entered the contest by submitting a not more than 20 second video to the Fit for Fame Facebook app and from now until June 27 anyone can vote for a band’s video on the app. The band that receives the most votes will get to perform at Retro Fitness’s branded Side Stage at Nikon Jones Beach Theater on Aug. 13, 2014.

CEO of Retro Fitness, Eric Casaburi is very excited for the competition.

“Music is the fuel behind fitness,” Casaburi said. “We are holding this competition to help showcase the bands in the local community, because we know there is a ton of musical talent in Long Island. I love listening to live music.